Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So real people truly think the world will end Friday? Why not Saturday? Or tomorrow? What if Mayans miscalculated by a day or so? Or a year or so? After all, the prediction was made a long time ago before computers and calculators were invented. What if Mayans themselves don't believe the world will end?
FELIPE CARRILLO PUERTO, Mexico -- Mayan pilgrims often come here to a simple church with a thatched roof to venerate the "Cruz Parlante," or Speaking Cross, which gave their forefathers guidance during a 19th-century rebellion.

But priest Alfonso Ek says lately he's being asked by curious non-Mayans about something he says has nothing to do with his people or their beliefs: the end of the world.

His response: "The world will not end."
There you have it.

Image from Wikipedia.

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